Services Information

  1. Data and informations (.txt, .doc, .xls, .png, .jpg. .jpeg, .gif, .ai, .psd)
    Clients should be provided the data informations and image file in standard format  (.txt, .doc, .xls, .png, .jpg. .jpeg, .gif, .ai, .psd) for production purposes. Once we to verify and both parties confirmed the data and file can be used, we would proceed it accordance to the countersigned documents soon. During productions process, client not allow to change those data and file. If change, we are entitled to receive the additional amounts for time charge.
  2. Format 格式
    If formatting and editing services are required, quotation would be provided separately.
  3. Photo Editing Services 
    Productions only include the basic photo edits services. If the customer requirements for Specialist or Bulk Photo Editing Services or Design Services, we will be provide quotation separately.
    Client to provide us such as portrait or photo image needs to edit to cover the face or special requirements, please notify us first.
  4. Amendments / Adjustments
    All items of “amendments”, “adjustments” or even the “minor changes” only cover the text modification and color mixing services. Additional design sketches, rearranging photos, re-designing background, re-publishing services, or re-typesetting is not included. For additional services, quotation would be provided only after we understand the clients’ needs.
  5. Productions Time charge
    The Minimum Charge for Production is HK$500 up.
  1. Features
    Client must understand that a list of features, NOT ALL features will be applied on its website production. The information provided and confirmed by both parties in each production process, display and functionality of the final version shall prevail.
  2. The Third Party’s services
    The Third Party’s services Terms & Conditions revise or system upgrading is subject to change without notice and we will not be responsible for its changes.
  3. Customization and Modify Services
    For Integrate or Add-on services.etc., NO image design stylish to process for customization and Modify the system on the template. we will be provide quotation separately.
  4. Acceptance and confirmation
    Preliminary layout and content of the website will be posted at the demo site for client comments. Clients need to confirm the design by stages. Upon Clients’ approval on the whole design and content, the site will be officially posted to the Internet under client specified domain name for client final approval and acceptance.
  5. DNS Service
    The change of Name Server (DNS) will require at least 24 hours for the update to take effect  throughout the internet.
  6. Hosting, Webmail & System Services Outage
    Under any circumstances, we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost files, information, data, money or business. Client is responsible for keeping a complete and current copy of their website files as a backup on a remote system (not solely on our servers).
  7. Hosting Service & Storage
    The Hosting Storage Services can be upgraded. Quotation would be provided only after we understand the clients’ needs.
  8. Renewal Option
    Clients are required to pay two months before on notified date, otherwise, all services will be automatically terminated in due course. The hosting and email service costs change, we will inform clients by email three months in advance.

To maintain the quality and on schedule completion of web production and hope to work closely with our customers. At the first month (30 days) period, we have the standard procedure policy for starting productions and follow up, so please kindly to provide yours own images and videos and information, otherwise, delay is not our responsibility. In special case, we no received client’s data information, image or reply. etc., All contract / agreements / countersigned documents will be auto expired after 3 months. All services will be stop immediately, no amounts refund and cannot be changed to other services or products.

Seven-days waiting period
During the stages of productions process, we will provide up to seven-days waiting period. Under any circumstances without receiving reply after the waiting period,  we are entitled to charge an additional 5% of project amount as administrative services fee.

Copyright protects creativity. The efforts of writers, artists, designers, software programmers and other talents need to and should be protected so as to create an environment where creativity can flourish and hard work can be rewarded. In return, the public benefits from the creations.

This right can subsist in literary works such as books and computer software, musical works such as musical compositions, dramatic works such as plays, artistic works such as drawings, paintings and sculptures, sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cable programmes and the typographical arrangement of published editions of literary, dramatic or musical works, as well as performers’ performances. Copyright works made available on the Internet environment are also protected.

  1. It arises when a work is created, The Copyright is an automatic right by TAILOR CREATION COMPANY.
  2. We owns the copyright of the product creation license / display. And the right to publish to other companies / users for commercial purposes.
  3. Client agrees that ”TAILOR CREATION COMPANY“ may put a byline or logo of its own company or partners on the web page design and content development.
  4. Third Party Licenses or Rights
    If the Copyright / Intellectual property rights are provided by third party, we will not responsible for any changes of services conditions and service terms made by third party.
  5. Copy of all rights reserved by TAILOR CREATION COMPANY.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings or delay occurred, we would only arrange the next production steps upon receipt of the clients’ confirmation by signing or email. Once confirmed, repetition of steps would not be accepted.

In any case, we only contact with decision-maker via e-mail or telephone, including statements, information, design layout, system program, and support functions. Any confirmation made by the decision maker in each production process (including statements, information, design layout, system program support functions, etc.) can not be changed. If necessary, additional changes or requests to productions will be quoted separately.

If client need to change the decision maker, please notify us as soon as possible.

  1. Full Payment in Advance
    Total of services amount is HK $ 50,000 or below.
    *The grant of any license or right of copyright is conditioned on receipt of full payment.
  2. Down Payment
    Down Payment (Subject to Contract) in Advance for total of services amount is HK $ 50,001 or above.
    * The balance payment shall be paid in accordance with the specified terms/period agreed by both parties in a countersigned document.
  3. Advertisement or Project
    Payment in Advance accordance with the specified terms/period agreed by both parties in a countersigned document.

We will start the productions accords to both of the countersigned documents and the receipts of payment. All payment amount are non-refundable. In any case for late payment, we are entitled to receive the total additional 5% amount of the document for administrative handling fee.


Bank : Hang Seng Bank

Account no.: 368-302238-883

All quotation automatic to remain valid for a period of 14 days.

WE reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this Policy or Terms at any time without notice.